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Refund Policy

Bingoer reserves the right to change these policies when required, so check this website to stay informed of any updates that may apply to you.

Bingoer uses a bank linked merchant payment gateway.  Payment is collected through debit or credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) using eWay merchant facility.

There are no extra hidden fees for purchases.  The total payment amount is clearly displayed before placing an order. If for any reason you disagree with the total payment amount then please do not confirm the order.

Once orders have been placed the bank Merchant facility processes your card payment.  Once the order has been placed online and payment received there is no ability to cancel the order.

Order and payment receipt information is displayed on the final page of the website during the order process, emailed through to the supplied email address and is additionally archived and available through the Bingoer customer membership portal.

Purchases completed only are final and not disputable.  Refunds are only possible under the following three scenarios.  There are specific criteria to be eligible for a refund as explained hereunder.

 1. Purchase of pens and merchandise that is found to be faulty or refundable under consumer law ( see below ) .

 In the rare event an item is delivered that is faulty you may be required to return the product to enable a refund. However, any return postage costs will be the responsibility of Bingoer.

2. Purchaser of raffle and associated free bingo where order was not received before the draw/session ( see below ). 

Note:  Tickets should be received well before the draw/session.  If you do not receive your tickets you must notify us 2 business days BEFORE the draw/session to be eligible for a refund. Your allocated tickets will then be cancelled and not included in any draws.

 3. A raffle ticket purchaser self identifies they have a gambling problem and they have overextended themselves financially ( see below ).

 If this applies to you please email us or call/sms Trevor directly on 0422 802 522 during business hours  so that we can assist.  Whilst we cannot refund tickets within 48 hours of any draw we will be able to refund any other purchased tickets and also discuss self limitations/exclusions for the future.  You may also call the Gambling Helpline at anytime on 1800 222 050.

In the rare event that your payment needs to be refunded.  Please contact Bingoer via phone or email with your request, including order date and time and order number you received and which of the above 3 scenarios applies to your order.  If Bingoer are in agreeance a refund will be issued. But please be advised that not all staff have access to this facility and you refund will be processed by Bingoer within 5 business days.

Bingoer abides by Australian Consumer Law in that full refunds will be available in the instance of major faults with the goods supplied.  In which case Bingoer may require the return of goods to complete internal audit processes so we can understand where the systems we have in place to only offer quality products has failed.  If goods are required to be returned there will be no out of pocket expense for the order – or that item on the order – nor for the return. 

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