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July Week 2 Pack: Raffle + FREE Bingo x 5 nights


Ticket Sales Close at 7am on Thursday 2nd July


This is a MULTI-NIGHT Raffle and free bingo purchase – 5 Nights in one purchase

5 x Nights:  You will receive Raffle x 15 numbers   +  bonus thank-you bingo of 6 and 3 for every night

Wednesday 8th July,  Thursday 9th, Friday 10th, Saturday 11th, and Sunday 12th July

Remember – even if you do not get to play a night you wills till WIN any eligible prizes.

ONLINE Ticket Sales Close at 7 am on Thursday 2nd July ( to allow time for postage )

You will get 1 SET of bingo tickets ( 6 and 3 )    for every $60  of Raffle tickets.   A $5 postage/service fee applies per ORDER – not per date/session.

Order “2” and your will get 2 Full BOOKS and 6 of EACH single sheet for every session

More than just you playing?

Please add player names in the comments or email or SMS with order number and player names.

Don’t forget even if life gets in the way and you can’t play you will still be paid for any win you are entitled to…

These raffle tickets are only valid for the one raffle / free bingo game session at the day, date and time detailed above.  Whilst a replay of the drawing and bingo session is available after the session, a winning ticket can only win the prize once. See full terms and conditions for the raffle and free home bingo for more information.

You are buying Team Cupcake Inc. raffle tickets with cash prizes drawn before the free bingo session.  The raffle draws are at 7pm followed by the thank-you free bingo session.  Raffle tickets are 3 strips of 5 numbers for $12.  Do not need to watch the raffle draws to be eligible to win the case prizes.  Raffle has CASH prizes which may vary from draw to draw as they are based on the fundraiser raffle ticket sales.

Likewise the bingo prizes may vary from session to session but are cash equivalent prizes.  So if you win $20 you will receive 2,000 Bingoer VIP member points that can be used for future raffle purchases, order bingo pens etc., or spend in the prize cabinet. The prize cabinet includes items such as supermarket or fuel vouchers as we obviously can’t send cash in the mail !

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Team Cupcake Inc. Raffle / Free Home Bingo.