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Delivery Policy

Bingoer reserves the right to change these policies when required, so check this website to stay informed of any updates that may apply to you.

There are two (2) different options available to receive your order.


There are a couple of things to be aware of if you choose to pick up your order instead of it been posted to you.  In choosing pick-up you agree to the following and acknowledge that we are unable to vary the procedure.  

  1. The service/delivery fee is still payable. The physical postage is only one component of this fee and it is an averaged costing process, we are unable to remove the ‘postage’ component from this charge.  Ticket must be issued and placed in sealed and labelled envelopes – this is video recorded for audit purposes.  In choosing pick up you are saving Team Cupcake the cost of posting your tickets.
  2. Cannot collect until after ticket sales closed. Every raffle/session closes at 12 midday 7 days before the draw time ( varies for weekends/public holidays). Tickets are not able to be collected until 24hrs after the closing time.
  3. Cannot change you mind: If you chose pickup we and NOT able to change this for you as tickets are scheduled in a bulk mailing allotment. We are not able to then post just your tickets.  No refunds are possible because you failed to collect your tickets in time if you selected pick up as a delivery option.


 A structured system is followed to issue tickets and this is a two-staff process which is video recorded for audit purposes with only one order at a time competed.  Part of this process is picking all orders in order that they were placed online all orders are placed into labelled envelopes.  No envelope is sealed until the whole session is issued and then the serial, open and close numbers are verified to match the total tickets orders for the session.  Only after it is identified that no mistakes have been made are envelopes sealed.

 These envelopes are then mailed to players via Australia Post.  The raffle/session closing time is 12 midday 7 days before the start time (varies for weekends and public holidays).  The tickets issuing process if completed after closing time and then mailed wherever possible on the same day as the session closed. 

You should in the majority of cases receive your tickets no later than 3 business days before the session time.  If your tickets are not received at least 2 business days before session start time, please let us know via email or phone.  If it is deemed too late to re-issue tickets and your tickets are still not received in the mail run one business day before delivery you will have the option of: 

  1. A full refund including delivery charge.
  2. A credit toward another raffle/session of your choice.

In either of the above scenarios your original tickets will be cancelled and become null and void.

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