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Last updated May 2020 – Effective from 1st June 2020

Team Cupcake Inc. BINGO – Terms and Conditions

FREE Home Bingo Sessions

Before we get into the bingo specific rules need to highlight 6 main things:

  1. Must be playing the games at a verifiable address in Queensland.
  2. Only registered players that have purchased at least $12 of raffle tickets can partake in a free home bingo session. The free bingo session is a thankyou from Team Cupcake Inc. as an added extra for supporting their fundraising efforts during this very difficult time. You are supporting Team cupcake by purchasing raffle tickets that will be delivered with your free bingo tickets. The raffle is drawn at the advertised time BEFORE the free bingo sessions starts.
  3. Cannot buy extra bingo games, but is bonus single sheets when buy raffle tickets in 3 or more sessions in the same week.
  4. This is primarily a fundraiser for Team Cupcake Inc.  There is a $5 delivery/service fee that applies to every ORDER.  
  5. The cash raffle prizes will vary depending on the raffle ticket sales. There are also 12 free bingo games at every session ( 10 x book games and 2 single sheets ). Some are trebles.  All free bingo game prizes are Bingoer VIP points which do have a cash an equivalent value.
  6. The free bingo tickets are assigned to the member that purchased the linked raffle tickets. The tickets have NO cash value and cannot be sold, they can be gifted or played by someone else, but any prize won will still be paid to the registered player. 


  • This free home bingo session is for Team Cupcake Incorporated, a registered charity in Ipswich Queensland.
  • A registered player must be playing the bingo session at a verifiable address in Queensland.
  • No tickets will be sold for the Team Cupcake raffle after the registration period has closed for that raffle and/or linked free bingo session.
  • The closing time for online purchases of every raffle/session will generally be as follows:
    • Wednesday session closes at 7am Thursday morning before session date.
    • Thursday session closes at 7am Friday morning before session date.
    • Friday Saturday and Sunday sessions close at 7am Monday morning before session

 * Above is a guide, public holidays will alter closing times. Check exact dates at

  • We are delivering with Australia Post and taking the recommended delivery time frame and doubling that as a safety net. If you would to be certain to receive your tickets before session please order as early as possible.
  • If a game cannot go ahead at the scheduled time due to any reason whatsoever, it will be rescheduled. If the rescheduled time does not suit a registered player they will have the option of viewing the recorded session at any time that is suitable to them. If necessary this will be by way of of a private link to view if the recording is no longer available at
  • This bingo game is free to play and is a promotional to encourage raffle sales. The caller during the game may do a promotional shout out seeking donations for Team Cupcake Inc.– which are tax deductible.  Whist the actual bingo game is free to play, there is a nominal charge of $5.00 ( inc GST)  to cover the physical cost of the bingo tickets and the postage and handling of these tickets in order for you to ‘play’ the free game. This is only payable PER ORDER so it is more economical to order more then one session at the same time.
  • The prizes may vary from session to session but are generally cash-equivalent prizes.  That is, if you win a $20 prize, you will receive 2,000 Bingoer VIP member points which have a $20 value. These points can be used for future raffle purchases, order bingo pens etc., or spend in the prize cabinet.  The prize cabinet includes items such as supermarket or fuel vouchers as a means of transferring the cash-equivalent prize to you without the need for bank account details.
  • From time to time a bingo prize may be a donated Bingoer Voucher as a way of offering a larger valued prize without an incurred cost to Team cupcake Inc. These vouchers can be redeemed at any Bingoer sponsored session, which includes bingo sessions conducted by Team Cupcake Inc, Capalaba sports Club, Beenleigh RSL, Jets Sports Club, and Coorparoo RSL. These vouchers can also be redeemed at on bingo merchandise or at the Bingoer Shop in Ipswich Qld. Notably these associations and venues are not “running” this free promotional bingo, this is undertaken by Team cupcake Incorporated. However the donated vouchers as prizes can be redeemed at these participating venues whereby Bingoer Promotions will pay the equivalent of vouchers redeemed back to the venues who receives the vouchers as per the promotional agreement between Bingoer and the said venue(s).
  • A cash raffle for Team cupcake Inc. will form part of every bingo session. Every raffle ticket will contain 5 unique numbers. Every $12 of raffle tickets gives the ticket holder 3 x strips of raffle tickets – so 15 chances).  The caller will use the bingo laptop raffle system to call the raffle and identify the winners.  The number of draws and the value of prizes will vary from session to session. 
  • Whilst the minimum requirement to qualify for the FREE bingo is $12 of tickets. You are able to buy more and Team cupcake encourages you to consider this but only purchase within your means and gamble responsibly.  You are rewarded for supporting the fundraising when you buy raffle tickets in 3 or more sessions in the same week.

Get 6 and 1 for every $12 of raffle tickets in any night’s draw/session.

Order 3 or more sessions in the SAME week in the SAME order and you will get bonus single sheets.


Buy tickets in this weeks Wednesday, Friday and Sunday ( so 3 sessions same week ) and GET  6 and 2 for all 3 sessions instead of 6 and 1.

Buy tickets in ALL 5 sessions in the same week  (  Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat and Sun ) and get 6 and 3 for all 5 sessions.



  • Brief definition of Bingo: Bingo is a numbers game where players use paper sheets/books to partake. Each full bingo sheet/page contains 6 individual tickets with numbers ranging from 1 through to 90. Each individual ticket contains 15 random numbers. Team cupcake Inc. only uses  Paper Bingo Tickets printed by a reputable bingo supplier meeting Australian Standards.
  • Players can play as many bingo tickets as they are comfortable playing within any given game. However, for the enjoyment of every player the call speed will not be adjusted because a player has more tickets in play.  However, any player is able to pause the game as often as they need.
  • Up to 90 numbers are called out by a Caller using a dedicated Bingo Laptop which has a “Powercall” system provided by BSG – this is a random number generator and bingo ticket checking system which is approved for use in Queensland.
  • The first player to mark off all 15 numbers on one ticket (known as a full house) wins the full card and the subsequent prize.
  • Minor prizes are awarded for the first player who completes a sequence of numbers nominated by the Caller and described on the program for a feature game. All feature games on the program play onto a full card game.
  • The bingo program is comprised of several games. A “game” is defined as any one game on a bingo program and may comprise a feature or 2 features and a full card or a full card only.
  • A bingo program may include more than one bingo “session.” For example, a weekday morning bingo game may be all one “session” even if there is a break in the middle of the program. But a larger Night program may be divided into 3 or 4 bingo sessions.  A bingo session may be one sheet, one book, or a combination of books and sheets.
  • Unless a new series is commenced all games must be played with the same serial number.
  • There may be more than one winner for any bingo game and the prize is then shared equally between all players with an eligible win. This amount may be rounded up for simpler payouts but will never be rounded down. For example, a $20 voucher win split 3 ways may be paid as $10 voucher each for a total of $30 instead of $6.67 each.  This is at the discretion of the caller.



  • Home bingo tickets are the same as bingo ticket issued at ‘regular” bingo sessions with only one difference. Each game on the sheet is numbered on the left from 1 to 6. 
  • The numbers 1 to 6 on the side have not reference in the “free” home bingo game they are required for paid remote bingo events only.
  • Bingo helpers working at that session , members of the Team Cupcake bingo Committee or family member living at the same address as the helper or committee member are not permitted to register nor are they allowed to play any bingo session or partake in any Team Cupcake Inc. Raffle during a bingo session.
  • This is a virtual and remote bingo game played for fun. It is not a real bingo game in the context of the legislation that applies to bingo in Queensland. The game is a promotional event or Category 4 game and will utilise all the available technology to enable it to run in a timely manner. 
  • When a player registers the tickets issued to that player are allocated to them and the ticket ranges are recorded against that registered player in our special system. The bingo calling system tells the spotter and caller when a player has won. Whilst players at home cannot see there is always at least 2 helpers at a session as a double-check system.  The spotter locates the winner ticket number for that game and identifies the player that was allocated that ticket for that game.  The caller can then announce the winner by name and may mention a suburb or town.  This applies to every bingo game on the program and will also identify if there is more than one winner.
  • The game is automatically closed when the last digit of the ticket number is said by the caller or spotter. The system will identify the number of winners in any given game. 
  • At the caller’s discretion there may be from time to time extra “bonus” games or bonus cash to win as described by the caller. For example the caller may say double money if the next full card is won in 60 calls or less etc.  The caller will always announce any bonus like this BEFORE the game is played. 
  • If there is a dispute process if a player feels that they had a bingo claim during the session that was not recognised by the systems in place. Please email with the game number, ticket colour and game ( feature / full card ). You will also be asked for the ticket number or a photo of your claimed winning ticket.  The bingo calling and ticket checking system is 100% accurate, however it relies on many human steps in the process before the bingo is played. There are 3 steps in the process that are open to human error:  issuing tickets, entering ticket ranges into bingo system, entering winning ticket numbers into the player-name verification system. There are systems in place for every step in the process including having two person checks for every step.  However in the event of an error, we also have full video recording of every step in the process so we can see exactly what occurred and can then ensure the correct eligible winner is paid.  If a system error is found and a different name is announced for a prize, Bingoer Promotions will pay the same prize the the true entitled winner as well. That is, the prize will be paid twice in the interest of fairness and transparency.
  • The live bingo session that allows for players at home to press bingo requires a special enhanced live streaming service that is invoiced per minute of use. This free bingo session cannot use this expensive software that allows for 2-way interactive communication.   Team Cupcake Inc. are unable to use social media such as Facebook Live or You Tube as the raffle draw and linked bingo would be in breach of these platforms terms of use.  As such the caller cannot “hear” you call bingo and is relying on the very accurate systems and technologies that are in place!
  • Team Cupcake Inc. reserves the right to alter or ad to these terms and conditions if an error or omission is identified.
  • Please refer to the site-specific Delivery Policy, Privacy Policy and Refund Policy which are to be considered in conjunction with these home bingo terms and conditions.
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